Guided Surgery


This system employs 3D imaging of the patient’s anatomy in conjunction with a scanning template. Ideal implant placement is determined based on bone quantity and quality, critical anatomical structures and prosthetic needs. The system is suitable for all indications and results in predictable and precise outcomes with the NobelBiocare Implant System.

Dental Wings® coDiagnostiX & gonyX

At Dickerman Dental Prosthetics we utilize Dental Wings® coDiagnostiX software and the GonyX table to create highly accurate guided surgical templates from CBCT scans. We also have the ability to 3D print surgical guides for selected cases. We import your Dicom III file in to our software and we can propose and determine final implant positions based on your input. Your knowledge, combined with our software and hardware abilities, allows us to create the most prosthetically driven implant positions possible with all implant systems.

Guided Surgery Rx Form