Digital Impressons

We have the ability to accept digital impression scans from most systems, including the 3m™ True Definition, Cadent iTero and TRIOS®.

Bellatek Encode® Impression system

Encode utilizes one healing abutment for soft tissue healing and final impressioning. The Encode healing abutment may be utilized digitally or with conventional impression techniques. Without a separate impression coping, you are able to take final impressions for single and small bridge fabrications directly with the Encode abutments. Digital impressioning generates a master cast with a representation of the final abutment(s). The final abutment is supplied as well for final prosthesis delivery. Conventional impressioning supplies a master cast with the analog in place. We can then fabricate a temporary or final prosthesis, screw retained or cemented.

Straumann® Scanbody

The Straumann® Scanbody is designed to provide accurate scan data for the precise design and fabrication of customized abutments, screw-retained bars and bridges. A digital impression of the implant site can be taken and exported for the design of temporary and final implant restorations. The Straumann Scanbody creates a validated work flow with ease. With impression digitization on the clinical side and cad cam and printing technologies on the fabrication side we will be more accurate with less expense to reduce impression retakes and restoration remakes. This ensures that seating appointments are efficient due to the excellent occlusion and interproximal contacts.